Tricoclin Follicle Revitalizing Tonic 120ml

Package: 120ml  / Bottle

Treatment for: Alopecia, various scalp diseases, dandruff, itching, keratinization, etc.

Main ingredient: High concentration polyphenol, Piroctone olamine, etc.

How to use: Apply on scalp daily


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Tricoclin Follicle Revitalizing Tonic

Tricoclin Follicle Revitalizing Tonic contains a “Piroctoneolamine” ingredient that effectively controls seborrheic scalp, itch and dandruff, which often accompanied by hair loss. It contains high concentration of functional ingredients essential for alleviation of hair loss symptoms, while maintaining a slightly acidic pH of 5.5. Tricoclin Follicle Revitalizing Tonic is KFDA approval with a KIPO certification number 10-0762413.

Your hair will appears fuller, stronger and enriched with more vigorous. 

Effectiveness:  Reduce hair loss, sebum regulation, itching, dandruff.

  • Mitigates hairless and stimulates hair regrowth.
  • Reactivates micro-circulation.
  • Stimulate hair cell regeneration.
  • Revitalize hair and scalp.
  • Nomalize hair growth cycle.


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