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PN CELL Aqua Vital Salmon DNA serum

Product Name : PN CELL Aqua Vital

Benefits : Moisture, Skin regeneration

Active Ingredients : PDRN, water, mannitol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Chloride, soluble proteoglycan

Packaging : 500mg lyophilized powder × 5vials +5ml sterile saline solution x 5vials / Box


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PN CELL Aqua Vital Salmon DNA serum

How to use: Mix two solution together for topical use, apply with derma pen, derma rollers, tok stick or any iontophoresis RF skin care devices.

Packaging: 0.5g(Freeze drying solution) x 5 vials, 5ml(serum) x 5 vials

Ingredients: Proteoglycan, Sodium DNA(PDRN), Mannitol, Sodium hyaluronate, Sodium chloride

PN CELL aqua vital DNA serum is made with lyophilized powder technology, its a freeze-dried solution containing Salmon DNA and various active ingredients without preservatives .

The PN Cell Aqua Vital lyophilized powder is an intense moisturizing cocktail containing sodium DNA, salmon proteoglycan and hyaluronic acid for keeping your skin moisture to reduce fine lines, while Salmon DNA pdrn can accelerate skin regeneration and improve skin inflammation..

Deliver the most fresh ingredients to your skin

Preserve all ingredients at the original state until use.

Ingredients can be kept stable in dry state (No activity loss).

Long-term storage with preservative completely free

These freeze-dried products can maintain freshness without any preservatives.

It is possible to prevent the deterioration of quality such as oxidation that may occur during the formulation, packaging and distribution.

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