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Matrigen VITAL INTENSE Ampoule 50ml

50ml / Box

Topical use, apply with tok stick, derma pen, derma roller or hyaluron pen.


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Matrigen Vital Intense Ampoule

50ml / Box

Topical use, apply with tok stick, derma pen, derma roller.

Matrigen E.S.R Vital Intense ampoule contains six peptide complex, PDRN, Stem Cell, EGF, and Adenosin for wrinkles reduction, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. It is a double functional ampoule for whitening your skin tone and to help vitalizing, firming your skin.

  • Six peptides
  1. Providing Skin Vitality
  2. Circulation Cycle Activation
  3. Helps with Skin Health
  4. Providing Skin Conditioning
  5. Prevent Oxidative Stress


  • Stem Cell Fluid
  1. Increasing Collagen Production
  2. Epidermal Strengthening
  3. Effect Wrinkle Reduction
  4. Amino Acid Production
  5. Whitening Moisturizing Effect
  • E.G.F

  1. Circulation Cycle Activation
  2. Strengthening Skin Barrier
  3. Maintaining Firming Skin
  4. Providing Skin Vitality
  5. Giving Skin Vigor

Topical application, can be combined with the most advanced technologies : skin boosters machine, micro-needling, electrodraining, RF micro needleing, Fractionated Pulsed light and electrophoroporation.


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