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Matrigen BLEMISH FLUID 2ml*20 (BB glow with all natural pigmentation)


The natural blemish cover fluid using natural pigments

The whitening ampoule covers melanin cells, the major cause of pigmentation, with natural coloring which is not harmful to human body. If it is used with Meso Poller of the company, it can be infiltrated under the dead skin cell layer for a bigger effect.

Volume: 2ml * 20ea


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Matrigen BLEMISH FLUID 2ml*20

A Fluid ampoule that use natural pigmentation for covering freckles.

A Fluid ampoule that helps not only brightening and also cell regeneration

-Skin with freckles, pigmentation -Rough skin
-Irregular skin tone

A brightening ampoule that improves blemishes by cremating natural pigments harmless to the body, melanin cells, the main cause of pigmentation.

▪Regular skin tone restoration and brightening effect
▪ Control melanin activity (freckles, improved blemishes)
▪ Neutralizing Harmful Oxygen and Activating Cell Regeneration ▪Collagen synthesis activation
▪ Provide elasticity and improve natural defense capabilities

How to use: Topical use, apply with derma pen, tok stick, derma rollers.


Aloe vera leaf extract: Moisturizing, calming, and conditioning of the skin

Avocado fruit extract: Helps synthesize collagen and elastin, providing smoothness

Allantoin: Strengthen skin barrier, anti-inflammatory, and cell regeneration

Mineral oil: Skin protection, skin conditioning

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